Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 2

Today was a full day. It is 11:18pm and we are just getting back to the room for the evening. Today started with getting breakfast at some take out deli store and heading down to Bryant Park to sit in the park and have breakfast. New York service people seem incredibly slow to me. Abbie order a coffee at the Witchcraft booth and it seemed he waited in line forever. He pointed out that most New Yorkers grab breakfast on the streets from the vendors. We ate our breakfast in Bryant Park and watch people do Thai Chi. They have free yoga classes as well. There were lots of people in the park. Bryant Park is where NYC has Fashions. They set up white tents and do the fashion runway shows. If you have watched "Project Runway" on Bravo, then you have heard about it.
After breakfast, we headed down to the subway to make our way to the Upper West side. The subway was interesting. It is a like a little City under the streets. It goes down about three floors. There are even stores down there. There are also some places where you can get off the subway and go right in the basement door of some buildings. The subways were full and we were in the mist of a large number of people commuting into the city. There was a musician playing in the subway as well as a lady preaching the gospel and trying to save souls. I guess that is the thing that people have in common every place you go. We took the subway to Museum of Natural History. It was not opened, yet so we went to Zabars. Zabars is nice and covers three store fronts and two floors. Abbie said when he taught in Manhattan that the grandson of owner of Zabars was a student at his school. All the staff would clammier around to see what his lunch was going to be. I am thinking of going back and getting some black and white cookies for the office. After Zabars, we went back to the Museum. It was amazing, but told more about Natural History. I am more into social stuff. It did however have a naked reproduction of a hairy naked man and woman walking together. Their faces looked kind of apish. Their genitals was exposed. The museum really pushed that the movie, "A night at the museum" was filmed there. They even sold copies of the movie. We also so went to see the mystic creatures exhibited while we were there. The lady in the gift shop was pretty slow when it came to checking out. What a nightmare. Afterwards we walked back to the upper west side and had lunch at Jackson hole. We we finished eating we got a cab and as we were getting in the owner of the restaurant came out to give me the bag that I left on the table. That was really nice. I heard about the marketing firm that Mayor Koch had hired to find out what people dislike about NYC and how he had determined it was that New Yorkers were not nice. i guess they took it to heart. Everyone that I have meet has been pretty nice. Abbie was also telling me that the shows Sex in the City and Seinfeld took place on the upper west side. After lunch we took a cab to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I like the exhibits there quite a bit, especially the furnishings, paintings and glass works of American History. All that walking really had our dogs hawling so we grab some water and went and sat and rested in Central Park. We watched the boats sail and we chilled. We watched lots of kids playing and other people walking their dogs. It is a green space that is much appreciated in NYC. We finally got up the energy to go and jump on the bus and ride it back to the hotel. We got our barrings, cleaned up and then went out to Sardis for a drink, dinner at Juniors and then on to a play, "The Drowsy Chaperone". It was a largely entertaining play. It was in the Marriott Hotel. Joanne Worley was in the cast. It was largely entertaining and I was fascinated by the props and set. The songs were great too. I really enjoyed it. When it was over we headed to the revolving bar on the48th floor, "The View" and enjoyed drinks on the revolving floor. That was kewl. After drinks we headed back to the room. Tomorrow we are going downtown.

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