Sunday, June 10, 2007

Last full day

Today we got up around 8am and head out the door at 9am. We walked down 42nd street all the way down to the ferry, which was a pretty long walk. We took the ferry across the river to Jersey and visited with Abbie's parents. His brother picked us up and took us to his parent's condominium. It is located where Palisades Park use to be. We visited with them a while and then went to a restaurant for dinner. It was buffet and they had everything. They especially had lots of fish and lots of Asian stuff. After dinner we showed them the DVD of Abbie's house and dog, then we came back to NYC. We took the free bus from the Port Imperial Ferry port to 57th street and grab the subway (#1 train) to 79th street. We went into Feline's Basement and then over to Zabars, which was the purpose to the trip. I got black and white cookies for the office and some extra ragula for whatever. We then left and walked down by the Dakota Building and then over to Central Park to Strawberry Fields and the Imagine circle. Most of the park was closed off for the Puerto Rican Parade. We left the park and walk all the way back to the room. Once again, our dogs were aching. We are not use to walking so much.

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